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These are the 12 most recent additions for Tryazon

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Free Tapple Game Night

Tryazon is looking for 150 people to try out this cool family game. Those chosen will receive a two copies of Tapple to showcase at their next game night. Tapple is a fun word


Free Venn Game Night Party Pack

The Op, creators of Telestrations and Blank Slate, has released their new game VENN, a clever game where clues and art overlap! Tryazon is looking for 200 hosts to try out a free


Free Top Trump Cards

Just found this free stuff on the Tryazon website where they are looking for 100 people to try out free party packs of Top Trump card games. You have the option of picking one of


Free Mantis card game pack

Tryazon are back with another free giveaway with Mantis Game Night Party Packs up for grabs. This card game takes inspiration from games such as Uno, and exploding kittens. The


Free Above Ground Pool

Splash into the best fall ever with an above ground pool right in your own backyard! Tryazon is looking for 105 people to Host a Bestway® Fall Pool Party and if you're selected


Free Hand-To-Hand Wombat Game Night Party

Tryazon is looking for 250 hosts to try out a Hand-To-Hand Wombat party pack with a combined value of $40+. Each bundle contains 2 Hand-To-Hand Wombat games (one for Host, and one


Free Sweet Chaos Popcorn

Tryazon is looking for 100 hosts to try out a Sweet Chaos Fall Snacking Party. Hosts selected for this party will receive a party pack with a combined value of $50+, containing 2


Free Bestway Mega Water Park Party Pack

Tryazon is looking for 90 hosts to try out a free water park party pack in your back garden. There are three different water parks packs to choose from which include Triple Splash


Free Double Party Games

Tryazon are looking for 400 hosts to try out a Blank Slate and Telestrations party pack. Each bundle is worth $55 and as well as the two games, you will also get a Party Host


Free Allergy Friendly Halloween Party

Tryazon will select up to 50 hosts to try some Free2b's Allergy Friendly Halloween Party food. Each party pack contains both dark chocolate, and chocolate flavour Sunflower Butter


Free Ritter Sport Chocolate Taste Packs

Chocolate lovers, you can apply for the chance to get 1 of 100 Ritter Sport Chocolate Taste Packs. Each successful entrant will recieve 10 chocolate bars in a variety of flavors


Free Pixicade Party Pack

Tryazon is looking for 500 party hosts to try out a Pixicade party pack with your kids. Each pack contains 2 games including Pixicade Pet where you get to create a virutal pet by